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A Truly Bionic Cat

Meet Oscar. Oscar was once a happy prancey 4 legged kitty until one day when he lost his 2 back legs in a combine harvester accident! So tragic, So sad, oh what was this feline to do!? A team of … Continue reading

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Some Dapper Dudleys!

Some fantastic art ! Greg Peltz makes some pretty terrific fancy art!

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Thank you Geekologie!

for showing me this pie chart and making me giggle

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Guess what I got!

New IPhone 4! For some reason they sent it early, and since my old phone was like a crazy mess and liked to be a huge HUGE problem, I  am quite happy. Now I promise I am not an Apple … Continue reading

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Baking Adventures

I like to pretend I am good at stuff, and one of them is baking. I am actually going to school to be a pastry chef and I am quite excited about this career choice! ANYWAYS! I have decided what … Continue reading

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Nerdy Show

These guys at are Fan-Fucking-tastic! They do a weekly free podcast on all things nerdy, nerd culture, nerd LYFE, nerdcore music, comic books, video games, shows movies… you name it they have probably covered it (or will!!). Their website … Continue reading

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Insomnia is a vile vile mistress

Oh JEEPERS! Seriously tho I haven’t really been able to sleep lately, it’s been so so SO horrible. I just want to be able to sleep and rest with no quirky interruptions, is that sooo  much to ask? OH yeah, … Continue reading

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I pretend to know stuff

I write articles for and I have gotten alot of really good reviews. Been featured twice and I find it’s really fun and keeps me sharp. Anyway here is a new article I wrote about tea and weight loss…. … Continue reading

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A cake to remember

I am going to be cooking at least 2 cakes this week (hopefully) one for my dad for Father’s Day, an easy German Chocolate cake, and I am still debating what design I am going to be doing for my … Continue reading

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What am I doing with myself?

I think it is safe to say I take on far to many projects. I mean I have 2 major ones in the works on top of small ones that keep popping up. Also school! My projects aren’t as vast … Continue reading

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