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Nazi Fighting Pet Kitty Wolverine


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Steampunk USB Drive will Take you Through Time in Outer Space! brings us this SPECTACULAR Etsy find! It’s a steampunk flash drive and it’s for sale bitches! This USB drive was designed with inspiration from a “narrow bridge” sign seen on a country road. It is cut from fine hardwood … Continue reading

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Oh No!! Android Wallpaper App Stealing your Info!

There is some shady business going on in the interwebz! A  relatively harmless wallpaper application for found in the Android Market called Jackeey Wallpaper was really doing something quite sinister. It was secretly stealing your shitz! It collects your phone … Continue reading

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Sexy Babezillas of Comic Con 2010

Because not everyone can dress up like a Night Elf and look good! Oh dear LORD! I like this new trend of Nerdy Burlesque Shows. Epic Win Burlesque is still my favorite.

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Dinosaur Tattoo to the Rescue!

Pretty epic coverup if you ask me! Done by Tim Pangburn if anyone knows who to give credit to for this please let me know! TY Megan Schader (another fantastic tattoo artist)

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Slave Leia Apron… with a side of Vader

For when Jabba wants you to make him a sammmmwich BITCH! (also comes in Vader) Only 24.99 USD on they are taking preorders now, and will be shipping on August 5th I want the Vader one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can also … Continue reading

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Amazing Daft Punk Helmet Replica

I don’t know if you guys follow certain things on the web, but Jon and myself have been following Volpin Props a prop and replica company run by the amazingly talented Harrison Krix. For quite some time waiting to see … Continue reading

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Darth Vader Robs A Bank!

The economy must really be sucking on the Death Star . So did he use the Force, did he brandish a light saber, did he take off his mask and reveal that ugly mug? No what was his weapon… The … Continue reading

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Brought to you by lonely sad little munchkins across the internet! Oh dear bejeebus! poor dear sad lonely girl. I appreciate that I lose the game, and that everyone who reads this has also lost the game, but did you … Continue reading

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How Apple Was Owned…

by a 15 year old boy. Anyone who has an iphone (or most anyone really) knows that AT&T and Apple have made it impossible to use your iphone as a tethering device, well it was nearly impossible until 15 year … Continue reading

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