Chocolate!!! AGAIN! with pictures of the GLORY!!!!!!!

So the chocolate quest was a complete and utter success! We went to Norman Love Confections. It was pretty terrific little shop with a wide variety of chocolates and free samples and massive chocolate sculptures and everything was delicious and wonderful! The candy looked like jewels and marbles and I want to get colored cocoa butters and experiment and play!

tons of pictures OMFG!!!!

the display case!!! wowowowowooooooo

a closer look at some of the candies, these really had a super amount of detail.

I didn’t try the strawberry banana chocolates but they looked straight out of the 80s!!!

banana looked like marbles

Caramel Apple Candy sample, it tasted SO good!

rum raisin candy

Champagne candy, this was one of my favorites

This was the box we got to eat there, we also took a box home with one of every type. This has Key Lime, Rum Raisin, Passion Fruit, Mint Chip, Coconut Truffle, Champagne, Cinnamon Bun and Pumpkin.

The pumpkin one was very impressive looking, like a fine marble of colorful super bouncy ball. Did I mention this one was also delicious?

giant chocolate sculpture

More chocolate sculptures…

they had pretty impressive pastries too!!

All in all I had a grand time with Jon and Patsy, nice day trip with delicious results!


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