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MOAR Totoro Cakes! Vol. 2

I really really like this trend of Totoro cakes on Deviant Art! I loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks so happy!! And we will end it with an adorable Bento! I’m pretty sure I will be making several more posts with these … Continue reading

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BAZINGA! Sheldon Wins an Emmy!!

Jim Parsons won an Emmy for his role as Dr Sheldon Cooper! I really hope he accepted the award in character.

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Chemistry Crayons!

These crayons by Etsy seller QueInteresante are fantastic. I mean kids play with crayons everyday, and alot them them use their favorite color like a freaking religion. I will NOT paint my house Robins Egg Blue, I prefer Sky Lark … Continue reading

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I’m alittle crazy when it comes to raptors. Made this little pic on the Facebook graffiti app to pass the time. It’s alright, I gave up after an hour!

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Real Life

Trust me this happens.

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Fight The Power! Save Chiptunes!!!

So in the UK some High Court people made a ruling that can and will severely endanger the future of chiptunes. Now it is making it impossible for people to play pirated software on their Nintendo DS. The hardware integral … Continue reading

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I love you ALOT

Hyperbole and a Half is a great blog, funny, with great pictures! This made me LOL and and cry tears of joy, ALOT. WIN! (and old)

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Scott Pilgrim THE GAME

So a lot of people are talking about the movie and the graphic novels and they are all pretty terrific, but a little over a week ago the game came out for PS3, and we have been playing it and … Continue reading

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So my sister turned 21 yesterday and I told her I would make her a cake. So I did. Due to crazy work and school schedules, lack of sleep and having to rescue my father from the Bahamas, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Pink Seal taser is Fancy Pretty Taser Gun…YEAH!

Look at this cute unassuming little pink seal baby! It’s cute small and with a face like that no robber/rapist would ever conceive that beneath that smooth hard adorable facade lies a stun gun ready to thwart off an evil … Continue reading

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