So my sister turned 21 yesterday and I told her I would make her a cake. So I did. Due to crazy work and school schedules, lack of sleep and having to rescue my father from the Bahamas, I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to on it. I spent about an hour decorating it and 45 minutes baking it. For a rushed cake it turned out cute.

It’s a cartoon shark!

dunnn a dunnda dunna dunnA!!!

The thing is since I had to do everything so fast. I didn’t have enough time to let parts of the fondant dry or the jaw. So the teeth stayed in and that was good because I was a little worried about them falling out, and also I didn’t get to carve the cake the exact way I wanted it. Still I painted the whole think in food coloring and molded part of the fondant so it had more shape then just a round mound.

I has a mouth!

He may not be a portfolio cake, or one I put on my website gallery (that’s coming soon!!) But like I said for a cake that I made under 2 hours (heck 45 minutes of that was baking time) he wasn’t half bad.

It was a Rocky Road flavored cake too!

cutting the cake

And here is the radiant birthday girl in all her glory.



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I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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3 Responses to SHARK CAKE ATTACK!

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  2. latias and chikorita says:

    Why does the shark have blood all over its teeth?

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