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Happy Halloween!

Put that baby in that MOFO Jack-o-Lantern!!!! Advertisements

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Cat Mirage…nsfw

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LCD Portal Shirt: Nerdy Halloween Costume to the MAX!

Master Hacker and electronics enthusiast Ben Heck, of the Ben Heck Show made this awesome little tee shirt for Episode 4 of his show. (watch the episode to see how he builds it) It dawned on me that making a … Continue reading

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Eat Sushi Like a Jedi! brings us these really neat chopsticks!!! I mean C’MON look at them!!!!!!!!!! Lightsaber chopsticks are the bees knees! You can get them in 3 fun colors!! Vader, Yoda and Luke! Product Features Chopsticks in the shape of your favorite … Continue reading

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Sweet Swag, Nerdy Show Shirts!!!

Finally the day of reckoning has arrived, our cries have been heard… what could I be speaking of???? Nerdy Show Logo Shirts! Rep Nerdy Show and your coolness in these swanky duds featuring our now “classic” parody logo! Unlike the … Continue reading

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Pokemanz! For Halloween

don’t know what kind of costume you would like to wear? Want to look sexy stylish and desirable and still be clever? (heck you could even recycle these for the next comic con) Dress up as a pokemonz!!! Here are … Continue reading

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Trekkie Browncoats

if two of my favorite sci-fi shows melded into one delicious cheese biscuit this is what it would look like…   yessssssssssssssssss………………….   Shiny!

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TMNT Party Van! Co-ed’s Dream Machine

College Co-ed 23-year-old Brittney Schneck’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van, a ’94 Dodge Caravan is a thing of extreme splendor! She started the project in July and with only a part time cashier’s job and her dad’s car detailing business … Continue reading

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I’m Commander Shepard


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Superhero Super Cake!

This is for the ultimate fan who can’t decide what superhero should be the theme of the party! Sheeeesh, decisions are HARD!     I bet it tastes like radioactive kryptonite!

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