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Jones Soda for Dwarves and Druids!

Jones Soda came out with some limited edition flavors, sure to quench the thirst of some crazy wizards or elusive drow! It comes in 6 magical flavors! Sneak Attack Dwarven Draught Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer Potion of Healing Eldritch Blast … Continue reading

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Yarrrg Delicious Grog

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Trippy Glow Stick-esque Dress!

This amazing knitted dress by Charlie Bucket isn’t an ordinary dress. It is knit with about 600 ft of plastic tubing, the tubes are then filled with luminescent fluid. the whole dress is then connected to a pumping backpack which … Continue reading

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Terrifying T-REX!

Look at this beast! Apparently scientists are thinking this is what he looked like, all covered in feathers. Go figure! (art done by Illustrator Sammy Hall)

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Facebook FAIL

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Pac Man Art

Searching through Deviant Art I found some cool Pac Man art! Here are my favorites. Really Neat Digital Art piece by user Pop-Monkey Really neat Pac Man inspired scarf by ShiningamiMaxwell Pac Man in the eyes of the ghosts by … Continue reading

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Minecraft LARP: SSSssSsSsSsssssSss

Gary Bigham is a pro-larper, with one thing on his mind… Cashing in on some epic LARPing Minecraft style! Watch him.. MINE CRAFT PUNCH COWS BUILD GATEWAYS TO HELL AND MUCH MUCH MORE!! LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT THOSE MOTHER FUCKING … Continue reading

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WTF Think Geek!!

I think they have their discount percentage wrong…. it should read 0% off!

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Sexy Time, TMNT Style!

oh how I love the internetz!

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Dr Dinosaur Dollar!

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