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Gingerbread House: It Tastes Just Wright!

What do you get when you take a girl (named Melodie) and give her  a degree from BYU in Landscape Management a few years ago and more recently a have her graduate from MATC’s Culinary School? You get a chick … Continue reading

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Christmas Raptor

Comes home for the Holidays!

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Even More Totoro Cakes

This is fast becoming one of my favorite things to search for on the internet! I Love Totoro cakes!!! totoro and some friends on delicious cupcakes by Deviant Culinary Artist: SliceofCake By Dragonflydoces TOTORO creampuffs! ❤ By TheClownDog This one … Continue reading

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ABC’s with a Star Wars Twist

Brandon and Emma Peat are proud new parents, and they wanted to decorate their childs new nursery with some interesting decor. So not only being ridiculously clever, they used the force (their love of Star Wars) and made the ABCs … Continue reading

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My Waste of Time, Facebook Graffiti App!

I think I spend way to much time doing those darn drawing using the Facebook Graffiti app. Anyways they are still fun! Sheldon Cooper from Te Big Bang Theory. I actually got some hate on Deviant art because this looks … Continue reading

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A Very Mario Christmas

Done by Deviant artist Beyx!!

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8-Bit Skittles Art, Pixelated Rainbows of Deliciousness

Deviant artist mattmcmanis has some neat art he did on his profile and filling his gallery. Some art of his I am particulary impressed with is his pixel art using skittles! Fucking delicious! I really like this art medium, it’s … Continue reading

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Personal Update Ahoy

I know it isn’t the real reason why you guys come here  but anyways!!…. A lot can be said for how busy I am, and how much more busy I will become. I am doing this to myself because I … Continue reading

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Prosthetic Tentacles! Our Future is Looking Like an Octopus!

So awhile back I told you all about this absolutely incredible steampunkish victorian prosthetic arm! And now another prosthetic has completely blown my mind! Might high-tech tentacles be next? That’s the vision of Kaylene Kau, a 2010 graduate of the … Continue reading

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Money Art

I have been doing more art lately and some of it would not be what you expect. I find myself really drawn (get it drawn!!!!) to doing art on dollar bills. I really really REALLY enjoy doing this and from … Continue reading

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