Art and Culture, Nerd Style!

Hey hey hey!

So yeah sometimes I do some writing and weird journalism-esque type things for this AMAZING podcast/news program/website/nerd-epicenter called Nerdy Show! (I’m a video game/art correspondent and sometimes staff writer)

I was on one of their latest minisodes. The Awesomocity and the Boys Cultural Minisode! This episode features some really sick music, a great interview with The Side Quest (8 bit hip hop artists, Holy shit they rock), and an interview of Brian Mazzaferri from I Fight Dragons! It was a lot of fun doing this episode and we talked about some of my previous blog entries… the AMAZING art of Kalapusa and Charlie Buckets trippy fluid dress.

OH and Hex has some neat announcement on this years Nerdapalooza!

I also got into some of the rule 34 shenanigans I want to draw… OH snap!

Go check it out! it’s free!


About BeautyMeow

I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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