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Ride-able Daleks!

Zappies’ inflatable, ride-able, hug-able Daleks are pretty bitchin! I mean what kid doesn’t want to ride around in a crazy extraterrestrial race of genetically manipulated mutants with crazy robotic like armor?! I know I sure do! Did I mention they … Continue reading

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Geeky Squeaky Clean!

Geeky Clean is an amazing soap company (and by company I mean an amazing geektress whose soul purpose is to rid the world of foul stenches) that specializes in crazy geek soaps that will blow your mind! Their motto: Epic … Continue reading

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Where is my Dang-Flabbit Cheezburger!?

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Steampunk Pac Man!

An oldie but a goodie! This sculpture was done by Doktor A and is a steampunk inspired arcade machine for Pac Man, or Pac Gentleman! The good Doktor explains the Pac Gentleman game as follows: “When this game was first … Continue reading

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Jurassic Park, Slowed Down Symphony!

Who would have thought John Williams’ iconic theme to Jurassic Park slowed down would produce something so pure, and delicate, instrumental and sexy! The theme is stretched out to just under an hour and it sounds like something out of … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Bicycle

I’m in the process of making a dino-head similar to this. I have the basic shell done, now to cut away here and there and then add more depth, color and accents! Hooray!!! Also I need to learn to ride … Continue reading

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Little Big Planet 2…EXCITED!

So Little Big Planet 2 comes out soon and I am so flipping excited! I pre-ordered this game like 6 months ago!!! I decided to get the collectors edition because you get all the neat costumes and extras PLUS some … Continue reading

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Octopus Chair, or Throne of the Deep?

Sometimes we take furniture for granted. I mean how cool can we make a chair look anyway? After all, it is just a chair! Well Maximo Riera has decided to create a series of chairs (15 to be exact) as … Continue reading

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Contact Lenses with Built in LED Arrays, Could lead us into an AR future!

This is something straight out of Doktor Sleepless, or out of a crazy futuristic Augmented Reality convention. Truth is we are close to a lot of this cool AR gadgetry then one would imagine! One major hurtle on the AR … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Bulbasaur

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