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Thunder Thighs

A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS! The 46-foot-long (14-meter-long) Brontomerus mcintoshi had an immense blade on its hipbones where strong muscles would have attached, according to a new study. “These things don’t happen by accident—this is something that’s clearly functional,” said study … Continue reading

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Adorable Cthulhu Birthday Cake

I love it… also if anyone knows who to give credit to please let me know!

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Minecraft Proposal

What happens when you take two Bioware game developers, and mix in a dash of Minecraft? You get an adorable loving couple and a man who found a really neat and touching way to propose! Congrats guys! And sorry about … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Tiny Flasks and Bottles, for Tiny Alchemists!

Kivaford is an etsy seller with some pretty amazing hand blown glass pieces, he does pendants, goblets and these amazing miniature bottles! Kivaford creates hand blown glass pendants, art glass, glass ornaments and miniature bottles. Glass goblets are his specialty. … Continue reading

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You Have Chosen Wisely!

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Some crazy dinosaur madness up in here. Just some of my favorite dino-themed junk off of the web. Be warned some of this is NSFW! Dinosaurs riding SHARKS!!! Freaking insane man! Philosoraptor! Pets dressed up as dinosaurs! Dino condoms!! (this … Continue reading

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Nintendo Cakes!

Here are some amazing Nintendo/nerd inspired cakes I found on deviant art! This bidoof cake I did for my roommate. It was her birthday and her boyfriend made her this amazing cake, she had just pulled in and he was … Continue reading

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