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Geeky Eatery! Nerdy Bento

Here are some amazingly delicious geeky bentos I’ve found on the web. Here are some amazingly delicious geeky bentos I’ve found on the web. I don’t have any sources for these so if you know who they belong to let … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

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Something Silly, PokeBRA!

I’ve decided to join the cool girls club and make myself a pokebra!!

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Historically Accurate Disney Princesses!

Shoomlah on Deviant Art has made these really great illustrations of some of the disney princesses if they were “historically accurate“. I think they are lively, wild and beautiful! Ariel Snow White Belle Jasmine I adore these and I hope … Continue reading

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Anglerfish Costume!

NGL… seriously want to recreate this costume!

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Lara Croft Cosplay takes it to the EXTREME!!!

Lara Croft is probably one of the most bodacious babes in all of nerdom! And she is also a favorite amongst the ladies to dress up as  for conventions (or a few lucky boyfriends during convention off season). So it … Continue reading

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More Misty!

Because everyone loves red suspenders, and water type Pokemon!

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Jurassic Park Embroidery

My first attempt at embroidery!

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Someone is Looking…

Mighty crabby

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