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MOAR LEGOS! 6FT Eye of Sauron!!!!

I love seeing all these fantastic mega structures, done in glorious ABS plastic! AH legos /swoon! Kevin Walter made this glorious 6ft tall Eye of Sauron! it is GLORIOUS! Then at last his gaze was held: wall upon wall, battlement … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion!

I have a few social and media sites I frequent. Maybe you have heard of them. Anyways feel free to check them out if you so desire! My Tumblr!   MY DeviantArt My Etsy Shop

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So there is a little music (and arts!!) festival called Nerdapalooza! And I am doing a few art pieces for it!! Here is the first one I finished. They are such silly boys!

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Lego Rapture. Big Daddy is Included!

Holy friggen MOLY! This is impressive! An amazing replication of Rapture by Imagine Rigney at the Brickworld 2011 convention! Hope you got a chance to see it at Brickworld 2011! Okay, so everyone asked how long? How long did it … Continue reading

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The Controversy that is Barbara Gordon

So one of the things that has been circling nerdom is the DC REBOOT that is taking place in a few months (scheduled release August 31st). With the entire DC Universe being relaunched this means a fresh start for some … Continue reading

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Friendship is Science!

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Totoro Nail Art

How friggin adorable!

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Commander Kitty Shepard

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