Birthday Wish List: Etsy Edition

Etsy has to be my favorite online stores of all time. I mean it has such an eclectic amount of interesting shops with unique items. PLUS You are supporting actual people making actual items rather then big business. Don’t get me wrong there are some mass produced things I like a lot. BUT there are also a ton of things I’d prefer to buy from actual people!

Here let me show them to you! These are items I’d buy if I had money and wasn’t dead broke right now.  Some are steampunk related, others are fun crafts and art! ENJOY!

BangBandCrash has some fun items! I WANT so terribly this dinosaur costume. Although I am working on a pattern to actually sew one myself… LOVE IT!!!

UmbrellaLaboratory makes really great necklaces. Especially this little dude! He is only 20 dollars!

I’ve been on the look out for a neat harness…. here are some of my favorites!

From audrajean! ❤

From Tim8234

THIS is the most amazing thing I have ever seen (well one of the most amazing things!) I just want to eat pie off of his face! Bloody good job BeatUpCreations!

If  told you I spent forever trying to do a decent vector image of an octopus so I could practically make this same necklace would you believe me? BUT since I obviously don;t have the skills to do it yet i found somehting even better…. THE EXACT THING I WANTED (it is even the right size) SWOOOOOOOON If I had the money (and it is NOT expensive only $28) I would buy this right now!!! SOON my precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CABfayre THANK YOU


That is all I will put up right now. BUT If you want to help me get any of these treasures you can check out MY Etsy shop!!! I am running a 15% off sale right now!


some of the items I have up there are original art… if you like it and don;t want to spend a lot check out my society6 shop where you can buy really great prints at a fraction of the cost. There is also a lot of other great work their too!



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I am a lady that loves art, cartoons, skincare and makeup!
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