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Poor Poodle Photo Dump


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For DIY Vigilantes! Grappling Hook made out of a Fire Extinguisher!

  MIT student Christian Reed just made every DIY backyard superhero wannabe a happy man (or woman) today! He made a grappling hook that uses a fire extinguisher for power, and he let us know how to do it so … Continue reading

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Sharky Art Painting

My sisters birthday was yesterday (she is 22!) and I painted a picture of a shark for her since she is OBSESSED (anyone remember the cake I made her last year). 11×14 acrylic on canvas. She loved it so that … Continue reading

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Moon Pillow

This is a giant floor pillow that looks like the moon.  I want it desperately! (it’s my birthday tomorrow… hint hint) And at $1,970 dollars I would say it is reasonably priced (silently sobbing in a corner). One day my … Continue reading

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Lamprey Plush

I got bored and made this today. It’s a Lamprey plush!!!! Isn’t he cute!? ANYWAYS, yeah. I find myself doing really strange projects when I am bored. If he tickles your fancy he is for sale on my Etsy site, … Continue reading

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Silly Art in Space!

I’ve been doing very small silly art recently, passes the time while I do my bigger pieces. They are more cartoonish and just for fun, but I love them! This is  a little canvas panel I did while I was … Continue reading

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The Amazing Levitating Girl!

Well not really but she is pretty damn stellar! Natsumi Hayashi isn’t just your average Tokyo teenager. She actually has a pretty cool hobby. Her hobby is that she takes hundreds of pictures of herself until she finds just the … Continue reading

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Some WTF Cosplay of SDCC 2011

I threw you all some babe-age from this years SDCC and I warned you that I would be bringing you a double dose. Only I don;t think you will like what the doctor prescribed this time. There is always a … Continue reading

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New Art: Barn Owl

I got a commission from some friends of mine to paint a decent sized picture of a barn owl. So I did. It was a lot of fun (I love painting birds) and I was happy for the extra money … Continue reading

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Birthday Wish List: Black Milk Clothing

If you are not familiar with Black Milk Clothing you should be!!! all of their stuff is terrific! (even if they don’t carry it anymore) I will post my favorites in order of what I want down to.. well what … Continue reading

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