More Amazing Mass Effect Cosplay :: In Celebration of Mass Effect 3

So if you didn’t know by now Mass Effect 3 will be released soon (March 6th for the States) and HOLY FRIGGEN CRAP I am excited! This has to be one of my favorite games EVER! So to celebrate this occasion I found some more amazingly awesome Mass Effect Cosplay! (because I love looking at it myself)

Let’s start off with some delicious femshep!

[source: geekologie]

Holly Conrad s always such a bada

Tali Cosplay is always my favorite


Aria… The Bitch is Back

[source: Love-Squad]

How about some Jack?

Jia Jem is SPOT ON as Jack!

We all love a sexy scientist!

Garrus Vakarian is always a treat!

pretty fucking outstanding! made by Check it out for a load more photos and videos!!

Miranda and DATASS

Justicar Action… Samara!

Let us end it with some group shot loving!

[source: ljinto]


Holly Conrad and her amazing Mass Effect group!

OH wait… how did that one get there??

There are seriously like a hundred more photos I wanted to show you guys! Guess you will just have to come back to see more!

Stay Tuned!

AS ALWAYS I do my best to source, if I don’t have something sourced(or improperly sourced) feel free to tell me who to credit! I take NO CREDIT for any of these images, costumes or concepts. I just find them on the internet and bring them to YOU!


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One Response to More Amazing Mass Effect Cosplay :: In Celebration of Mass Effect 3

  1. Alan Smith says:

    …..a ……flarelcor? LETS CATCH IT!

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