Let’s make Bee and Puppycat a Series!!!


If you are not familiar with Frederator and Natasha Allegri animated short Bee and Puppycat I suggest you take the next 10 minutes and watch this…. then come back and read what I have to say!

First things first. I am an AVID cartoon watcher lover, be it Japanese animation, new fangled cgi, or classic old school hand draw animation. I love it all! My fiance and I watch countless hours of cartoons, it’s a great life. But I can be very picky, I won’t watch just anything.

So when I say that it takes a very special show to really capture my immediate interest, and draw me into a world in 10 short minutes, please understand that accomplishing that is no easy feet. But Bee and Puppycat has literally stolen my heart!

After I watched it, I was desperate for more. I was CONSTANTLY on Frederator’s/Cartoon Hangovers Facebook page, and anything they posted I would clamour for “More Bee and Puppycat!” I would buy any merchandise I could afford to show the show that people want it and support it! Then one morning,a bright ray of sunlight came.. Frederator/Cartoon Hangover was starting a kickstarter to make Bee and Puppycat a Series!

I scraped and went over my budget for the next few months and offered every spare dime I had! I want this show, I borderline NEED this show.

beepuppycat01The Kickstarter is halfway over, and they were off to a strong start but support has seriously slowed down. There is a good chance that it won’t be funded, this could put a huge delay in production,or halt it all together.

I know they are asking for a lot. 600K is no small amount. But people seem to forget the effort that goes into hand drawn animation (yes it’s hand drawn), also paying for music,voice actors,editing, and other miscellaneous expenses adds up. So honestly 600k is beyond a fair amount.

They are at around 390k from the time I post this blog, but they need another big push!

Since I can’t afford to give them more I CAN afford to give incentives to donate. First let me say in absolutely NO WAY am I affiliated with Frederator, Cartoon Hangover, Kickstarter, or this project. I’m just a passionate fan who really wants more Bee and Puppycat!

This is what I am offering. Art, digital, prints, and even originals.All based on what you donate to the Kickstarter! Here is the Rundown…

  • Donate $1-$14 get a digital copy of my Puppycat with Eggplant Pillow and Blanket (pictures soon)
  • Donate $15-$35get a digital copy of my Puppycat with Eggplant Pillow and Blanket and get an ORIGINAL sketch of Bee and Puppycat done in my style! This is a pencil sketch
  • Donate $36-$100 get a digital copy of my Puppycat with Eggplant Pillow and Blanketand get an original Sketch of Bee and Puppycat, penciled, and inked!
  • Donate $101-$200 get a digital copy of my Puppycat with Eggplant Pillow and Blanket and Get an Original Drawing,inked and colored, of Bee and Puppycat!
  • Donate $201-$750 get a digital copy of my Puppycat with Eggplant Pillow and Blanketand Get an Original Pencil Sketch, AND Original Painting of Bee and Puppycat done in my style.Please note, Size and complexity will vary based on donation size. Project MUST be funded to receive the painting, not the sketch.
  • Donate $751 or More get a digital copy of my Puppycat with Eggplant Pillow and Blanket and You will Get an Original Sketch, colored and inked (the project does not need to be funded) an Original Bee and Puppycat Fan Art painting, AND 5 Additional Prints from my collection of works (for the prints and painting Project MUST be funded)

Requirement are a screen shot of your donation,and confirmation email. All shipping (domestic AND international) Will be covered by me Up to $35, after that you will have to pay the difference (this will only apply to very large paintings)!

Email all information,questions or concerns to raptor.quest23@gmail.com

Let’s make this magical series happen!


Kickstarter Link

Please if you can’t contribute share this blog post!

I am in no way affiliated with Cartoon Hangover, Kickstarter, Natasha Allegri, and do not own these photos used in this blog post.


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