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Plastic Surgery Superman!

A Filipino man named Herbert Chaves thought it would be awesome to get tons of plastic surgery to look like our favorite Kryptonian, SUPERMAN. I guess he needed an escape from his life as a pageant trainer. The list of … Continue reading

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Contact Lenses with Built in LED Arrays, Could lead us into an AR future!

This is something straight out of Doktor Sleepless, or out of a crazy futuristic Augmented Reality convention. Truth is we are close to a lot of this cool AR gadgetry then one would imagine! One major hurtle on the AR … Continue reading

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Nerd Lyfe! Tattoo Edition! Vol. 1

So as we delve into the  life of nerds, we learn that nerd culture is pretty welcoming of just about anything. Mix in some Nerd love, a bit of blood and a pinch of bad-assery and you get some pretty … Continue reading

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Really Neat Nintendo Art

Some compiled pics I have over the years of great and interesting nintendo inspired art that uses a “non traditional” approach. Alot of them are in the “oldy but a goody” category! Enjoy! This was done by some maniac grocery … Continue reading

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