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Most Adorable Cosplay

Some cute little cosplayers! I couldn’t resist making a little list of some tiny friends! Finn The Baby and Jake the dad! ❤ all the feeeeellllssss…….   Tiny Toddler Chun Li!!! A Tiny Wizard! Come along tiny Pond, bring that … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion!

I have a few social and media sites I frequent. Maybe you have heard of them. Anyways feel free to check them out if you so desire! My Tumblr!   MY DeviantArt My Etsy Shop

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Commander Kitty Shepard

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Epic Dad + Paper Lunch Bags=

WIN! is a simple premise, a totally awesome dad draws on his kids paper lunchbags for school. A new bag each day for my kids. I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break. I’ve been checking out … Continue reading

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Chemistry Crayons!

These crayons by Etsy seller QueInteresante are fantastic. I mean kids play with crayons everyday, and alot them them use their favorite color like a freaking religion. I will NOT paint my house Robins Egg Blue, I prefer Sky Lark … Continue reading

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