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Cake Time :: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Style!

Such a bodacious cake!! Made by Lena Fevens! I Hope it tastes like pizza!   Advertisements

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26 Pound Gummy Bear :: All My Dreams Have Come True!

Are you a candy fiend like I am? Maybe, maybe not. One candy I can never get enough of is gummy bears! I love them! (even the clear flavored ones, those are ESPECIALLY delicious!). So a few years ago when … Continue reading

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Delicious Nerd Cakes

More Nerd Cakes! Because, well I love them and there is always a fresh batch waiting to be enjoyed! Here are a few I found on DeviantArt that I thought were pretty terrific!

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Nintendo Cakes!

Here are some amazing Nintendo/nerd inspired cakes I found on deviant art! This bidoof cake I did for my roommate. It was her birthday and her boyfriend made her this amazing cake, she had just pulled in and he was … Continue reading

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Nerdy Show’s Final Boss: 2010!!!!

So 2010 is over and now we are in the realm of 2011! DUNNNAAAAAAA (crazy sound effects… ACTIVATE)…. anyways! The gang over at Nerdy Show have  outdone themselves his year with bringing you the 20 Nerdiest things of 2010! Now … Continue reading

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Delicious Experimental Eletronica! Yip-Yip covers “Been Caught Stealing”

I don’t think many people have been exposed to the amazing full frontal force that is Yip Yip! A crazy experimental electronic band straight out of Winter Park, Florida, that puts on one hell of an amazing show and never … Continue reading

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Even More Totoro Cakes

This is fast becoming one of my favorite things to search for on the internet! I Love Totoro cakes!!! totoro and some friends on delicious cupcakes by Deviant Culinary Artist: SliceofCake By Dragonflydoces TOTORO creampuffs! ❤ By TheClownDog This one … Continue reading

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8-Bit Skittles Art, Pixelated Rainbows of Deliciousness

Deviant artist mattmcmanis has some neat art he did on his profile and filling his gallery. Some art of his I am particulary impressed with is his pixel art using skittles! Fucking delicious! I really like this art medium, it’s … Continue reading

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Superhero Super Cake!

This is for the ultimate fan who can’t decide what superhero should be the theme of the party! Sheeeesh, decisions are HARD!     I bet it tastes like radioactive kryptonite!

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Ponyo Buns! Uproaring the seas one hungry customer at a time!

These little Ponyo shaped bread buns are adorable and probably delectable! Until they get into your magic elixirs and turn the entire ocean into giant crazy fish loaves! WTF woman I told you about NOT doing that anymore!!! A bakery … Continue reading

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