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Geeky Gift Guide – For the Beer and Liquor Lover in Your Life

I am going to do several different gift guides with fun themes! The first one is a gift guide for people who are nerdy and love beer and liquor! These are fun gifts that are sure to impress!   Rick … Continue reading

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Because I do nothing but work work work I figured I’d show you one of my current finished projects! I painted this majestic Pixelated TARDIS! (FYI if you didn’t know I am a full time free lance, independant, starving blah … Continue reading

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Neutrinos: Science’s New Mistress!

A group of European physicists have sent the science world ablaze with something that they found could completely debunk Einstein’s cosmic speed limit…. the speed of light! Subatomic neutrinos were found by scientists at CERN! They claim they’ve detected these … Continue reading

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Ride-able Daleks!

Zappies’ inflatable, ride-able, hug-able Daleks are pretty bitchin! I mean what kid doesn’t want to ride around in a crazy extraterrestrial race of genetically manipulated mutants with crazy robotic like armor?! I know I sure do! Did I mention they … Continue reading

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Geeky Squeaky Clean!

Geeky Clean is an amazing soap company (and by company I mean an amazing geektress whose soul purpose is to rid the world of foul stenches) that specializes in crazy geek soaps that will blow your mind! Their motto: Epic … Continue reading

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