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My Favorite Ridiculous Sexy Halloween Costumes

I love these posts, and the past year I have found a whole new amount of over sexualized ridiculous sexy costumes for halloween. Here are some of my favorites!     Sexy Yoda Much overtly sex this costume has.   … Continue reading

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Because I do nothing but work work work I figured I’d show you one of my current finished projects! I painted this majestic Pixelated TARDIS! (FYI if you didn’t know I am a full time free lance, independant, starving blah … Continue reading

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Fiverr Surprises :: A Thank You From ME!

To say THANK you to everyone who has been supporting me on Fiverr I want to offer something FUN! A Surprise if you will (for a limited undisclosed time) to anyone who  orders a gig from me! This can be … Continue reading

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Poor Poodle Photo Dump

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Dumb Art

Been doing a decent amount of pieces lately, and so I thought “Hey, put them all on here”! So there you go! ALSO they are all for sale! Some little ones I did.. I’m also currently working on Wrex. Tiny … Continue reading

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Something Silly, PokeBRA!

I’ve decided to join the cool girls club and make myself a pokebra!!

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Dinosaur Bicycle

I’m in the process of making a dino-head similar to this. I have the basic shell done, now to cut away here and there and then add more depth, color and accents! Hooray!!! Also I need to learn to ride … Continue reading

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Sweet Ass Titties!

Not really but whatever! So I guess you can say I’m trying to “DO SOMETHING” with my life, and all that yadda yadda! Just finished my 3rd quarter at school, about 95% I got an A if not damn close … Continue reading

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Beware The Pedo Bear!

It seems like the law enforcement in San Diego have cracked down hard on /b/’s lolli loving bear, Pedo Bear. And to let you know how serious it is they released this bulletin to warn you and to keep you … Continue reading

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Doodling a Dinosaur

I was so bored at work, it’s been so slow! I decided to watch pimp my ride and doodle this here dinosaur!

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