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Poor Poodle Photo Dump


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Deviant Art Fail Returns!

It’s been awhile since I have sifted through the murky depths that is Deviant Art’s self photography section. Boy have I been missing out. Here are some prime examples of things that should be found on Myspace, or Facebook… not … Continue reading

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WTF Think Geek!!

I think they have their discount percentage wrong…. it should read 0% off!

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Beware The Pedo Bear!

It seems like the law enforcement in San Diego have cracked down hard on /b/’s lolli loving bear, Pedo Bear. And to let you know how serious it is they released this bulletin to warn you and to keep you … Continue reading

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I’m so tired, I’ve been up since 12:30 just laying in bed TRYING to get to sleep! Finally around 4 I decided to come down stairs! I’ve been knitting, being dumb on the internet, and defaced a photo to make … Continue reading

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Fight The Power! Save Chiptunes!!!

So in the UK some High Court people made a ruling that can and will severely endanger the future of chiptunes. Now it is making it impossible for people to play pirated software on their Nintendo DS. The hardware integral … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

To me… I’m 26 today suckers! As if the internet cares!

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Moar Moar Moar, DeviantFAIL!

This is becoming more  and more of an obsession, but yeah they do it to themselves! Once again deviant art is not myspace, or facebook or your personal “photo dump“no one wants to see you pretending to be “arty” and … Continue reading

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Oh No!! Android Wallpaper App Stealing your Info!

There is some shady business going on in the interwebz! A  relatively harmless wallpaper application for found in the Android Market called Jackeey Wallpaper was really doing something quite sinister. It was secretly stealing your shitz! It collects your phone … Continue reading

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Brought to you by lonely sad little munchkins across the internet! Oh dear bejeebus! poor dear sad lonely girl. I appreciate that I lose the game, and that everyone who reads this has also lost the game, but did you … Continue reading

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