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26 Pound Gummy Bear :: All My Dreams Have Come True!

Are you a candy fiend like I am? Maybe, maybe not. One candy I can never get enough of is gummy bears! I love them! (even the clear flavored ones, those are ESPECIALLY delicious!). So a few years ago when … Continue reading

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Delicious Nerd Cakes

More Nerd Cakes! Because, well I love them and there is always a fresh batch waiting to be enjoyed! Here are a few I found on DeviantArt that I thought were pretty terrific!

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Nintendo Cakes!

Here are some amazing Nintendo/nerd inspired cakes I found on deviant art! This bidoof cake I did for my roommate. It was her birthday and her boyfriend made her this amazing cake, she had just pulled in and he was … Continue reading

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Where is my Dang-Flabbit Cheezburger!?

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Gingerbread House: It Tastes Just Wright!

What do you get when you take a girl (named Melodie) and give her  a degree from BYU in Landscape Management a few years ago and more recently a have her graduate from MATC’s Culinary School? You get a chick … Continue reading

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Jones Soda for Dwarves and Druids!

Jones Soda came out with some limited edition flavors, sure to quench the thirst of some crazy wizards or elusive drow! It comes in 6 magical flavors! Sneak Attack Dwarven Draught Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer Potion of Healing Eldritch Blast … Continue reading

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Eat Sushi Like a Jedi! brings us these really neat chopsticks!!! I mean C’MON look at them!!!!!!!!!! Lightsaber chopsticks are the bees knees! You can get them in 3 fun colors!! Vader, Yoda and Luke! Product Features Chopsticks in the shape of your favorite … Continue reading

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Superhero Super Cake!

This is for the ultimate fan who can’t decide what superhero should be the theme of the party! Sheeeesh, decisions are HARD!     I bet it tastes like radioactive kryptonite!

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Ponyo Buns! Uproaring the seas one hungry customer at a time!

These little Ponyo shaped bread buns are adorable and probably delectable! Until they get into your magic elixirs and turn the entire ocean into giant crazy fish loaves! WTF woman I told you about NOT doing that anymore!!! A bakery … Continue reading

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