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More Muppet Paintings

I’ve Been Busy! Bunsen and Beaker! 12×12, acrylic on canvas! I love these two!!!   also Kermit the Frog 16×20, acrylic on canvas   both these lovelies are for sale! Advertisements

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Nerdy Show’s Final Boss: 2010!!!!

So 2010 is over and now we are in the realm of 2011! DUNNNAAAAAAA (crazy sound effects… ACTIVATE)…. anyways! The gang over at Nerdy Show have  outdone themselves his year with bringing you the 20 Nerdiest things of 2010! Now … Continue reading

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I’m Watching You: Muppets with Real Eyes!

The things you can find on tumblr!!! This is frightening, creepy and can not be unseen! Via

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Sexy Muppet Burlesque Makes You Question Your Childhood

There is some sexy burlesque dancers who know how to shake and shimmy! There are also some weird acts of crazy that make you severely question your childhood. But when you combine these two things one outcome might be this … Continue reading

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Epic Dad + Paper Lunch Bags=

WIN! is a simple premise, a totally awesome dad draws on his kids paper lunchbags for school. A new bag each day for my kids. I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break. I’ve been checking out … Continue reading

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Poppy Poppy Popcorn SHRIMPIES!

I have never seen anything more delicious then the Swedish Chefs popcorn shrimpies.

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