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Nerdy Show’s Holiday Special :: Life Day Spectacular

Join the ENTIRE cast of Nerdy Show (and I mean everyone, Brian, Hex, The Boys of Flame On, Marc with a C, myself and more) for the Holiday special of the year!! Music, laughs, tears, family and friends, did I … Continue reading

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Life Sized Creeper!

The cat is out of the bag!!!! This was Jon’s and my secret project for Nerdy Show for this years Nerdapalooza! I will wrote a post Nerdapalooza wrap up soon.. This blog post is just dedicated to our large green … Continue reading

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Counting Down to Nerdapalooza 2011!

And our eardrums can’t wait!!! If this year is going to be anything like last years Nerdapalooza then we are in for one heck of a ride! But wait what is Nerdapalooza you ask! YOU DON”T KNOW?!!! It’s only a … Continue reading

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Dumb Art

Been doing a decent amount of pieces lately, and so I thought “Hey, put them all on here”! So there you go! ALSO they are all for sale! Some little ones I did.. I’m also currently working on Wrex. Tiny … Continue reading

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Delicious Experimental Eletronica! Yip-Yip covers “Been Caught Stealing”

I don’t think many people have been exposed to the amazing full frontal force that is Yip Yip! A crazy experimental electronic band straight out of Winter Park, Florida, that puts on one hell of an amazing show and never … Continue reading

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Lair of the Shadow Broker MiniSode!

Nerdy Show will be on hiatus until October but they are still providing you with some awesome content, one of which us a “minisode” about BioWare’s new DLC for Mass Effect 2 called “Lair of the Shadow Broker“. I was … Continue reading

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Taking a Stand! No More Variants!

Aaron Haaland owner of “A Comic Shop” is taking a stand against variant  covers and is no longer selling them in his shop! Do you agree, disagree? I do believe that yes they take away from the fun of reading … Continue reading

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Nerdcore Porn for your Throbbing Ears!

So Nerdapalooza 2010 has come to a close last night and it was a great festival. Minus a few set backs everything was really spectacular, the music was kick ass and everyone had their music lust satisfied! A few things … Continue reading

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Nerdcore and burlesque

So far nerdapalooza is going strong, with an inflatable Dalek, sexy burlesque dancers dressed up as Harley Quinn and Lara Croft, and please let us not forget all the amazing artists that have preformed as well as the great acts … Continue reading

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Nerdapalooza!! And all that Jazz!!!

Nerdapalooza 2010 is descending fast! and I am pretty stoked!! If you guys don’t know what it is let me enlighten you! It is a 2 day music festival that revolves around nerdy music…. nerdcore, chip tunes, VG mashup and … Continue reading

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