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Krang Tattoo, In the Right Spot

Oh Dear… It’s awesome, and creepy… SUCCESS Advertisements

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Creep Cinema: Patrick Bateman

Every year super awesome Tate’s Comics – Bear and Bird Gallery has a local artist show around Halloween. This year I decided to participate. The Show is Creep Cinema, and you guessed it you have to do a creepy spooky … Continue reading

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Pokemon Bum Tattoo… NSFW

AWE, isn’t it cute? A Pikachu atop a pokeball!! This tattoo reminds me of THIS TATTOO. (also NSFW). BOOTY TATTOOS all up in this JOINT!     Let me know who I can give photo and tattoo credits too if … Continue reading

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Ebola Outbreak! Level 5 Art Attack!

My friend wanted some geek art so I painted a picture of the ever so deadly filovirus, Ebola Zaire! She wanted something nerdy, yet that didn’t scream “look at me I’m a nerd” when her grown up friends came to … Continue reading

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LCD Portal Shirt: Nerdy Halloween Costume to the MAX!

Master Hacker and electronics enthusiast Ben Heck, of the Ben Heck Show made this awesome little tee shirt for Episode 4 of his show. (watch the episode to see how he builds it) It dawned on me that making a … Continue reading

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Victorian Prosthetic, or Crazy Steampunk Robot Arm?

Some bad-ass amputee from the 19th century had one wicked arm! I mean look at that thing!!! Crap if I lose a limb I would want it to look as cool as that, fuck it looking realistic! (I’m serious about … Continue reading

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Plushie Ebola VS Squishy Dinosaur

Once and awhile we see the great epic war of our lifetime. Well today that war hit close to home! Here I was minding my own business when an old friend came over for a visit! We are good pals … Continue reading

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I found this in the depths of my photobucket. I almost spit lemonade all over my computer the first time I saw it, and yet again when I dug it up from its watery internet grave.

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Pink Seal taser is Fancy Pretty Taser Gun…YEAH!

Look at this cute unassuming little pink seal baby! It’s cute small and with a face like that no robber/rapist would ever conceive that beneath that smooth hard adorable facade lies a stun gun ready to thwart off an evil … Continue reading

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Nerd Lyfe! Tattoo Edition! Vol. 1

So as we delve into the  life of nerds, we learn that nerd culture is pretty welcoming of just about anything. Mix in some Nerd love, a bit of blood and a pinch of bad-assery and you get some pretty … Continue reading

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