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Let’s make Bee and Puppycat a Series!!!

If you are not familiar with Frederator and Natasha Allegri animated short Bee and Puppycat I suggest you take the next 10 minutes and watch this…. then come back and read what I have to say! First things first. I … Continue reading

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Fiverr Kitty Cat Adventures :: The Intergalactic Mighty Noonz

Ugh! I loved this Fiverr gig I did so much he deserves his own blog post! I present the Intergalactic Mighty Noonz! Kitty Cat Adventures are fast becoming one of my favorite things! Order yours MEOW! Here is the link … Continue reading

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Kittens in SPACE!

Jonathan Mann brings us one of his epic SONG A DAY songs, Kittens in Space. Watch the video and follow Maybel and Jeremy’s adventure! Way to represent all of the kitten race!

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Neutrinos: Science’s New Mistress!

A group of European physicists have sent the science world ablaze with something that they found could completely debunk Einstein’s cosmic speed limit…. the speed of light! Subatomic neutrinos were found by scientists at CERN! They claim they’ve detected these … Continue reading

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Moon Pillow

This is a giant floor pillow that looks like the moon.  I want it desperately! (it’s my birthday tomorrow… hint hint) And at $1,970 dollars I would say it is reasonably priced (silently sobbing in a corner). One day my … Continue reading

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Silly Art in Space!

I’ve been doing very small silly art recently, passes the time while I do my bigger pieces. They are more cartoonish and just for fun, but I love them! This is  a little canvas panel I did while I was … Continue reading

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Birthday Wish List: Black Milk Clothing

If you are not familiar with Black Milk Clothing you should be!!! all of their stuff is terrific! (even if they don’t carry it anymore) I will post my favorites in order of what I want down to.. well what … Continue reading

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