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One of my Many Projects – Tshirts…BOOM

So I mentioned on my last blog post that I have been extremely busy with a lot of different projects! Which is an understatement to say the least! One project has been to get apparel of my artwork up I … Continue reading

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Totoro Nail Art

How friggin adorable!

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Totoro <3


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Even More Totoro Cakes

This is fast becoming one of my favorite things to search for on the internet! I Love Totoro cakes!!! totoro and some friends on delicious cupcakes by Deviant Culinary Artist: SliceofCake By Dragonflydoces TOTORO creampuffs! ❤ By TheClownDog This one … Continue reading

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Epic Dad + Paper Lunch Bags=

WIN! is a simple premise, a totally awesome dad draws on his kids paper lunchbags for school. A new bag each day for my kids. I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break. I’ve been checking out … Continue reading

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Ponyo Buns! Uproaring the seas one hungry customer at a time!

These little Ponyo shaped bread buns are adorable and probably delectable! Until they get into your magic elixirs and turn the entire ocean into giant crazy fish loaves! WTF woman I told you about NOT doing that anymore!!! A bakery … Continue reading

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MOAR Totoro Cakes! Vol. 2

I really really like this trend of Totoro cakes on Deviant Art! I loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks so happy!! And we will end it with an adorable Bento! I’m pretty sure I will be making several more posts with these … Continue reading

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Nerd Lyfe! Tattoo Edition! Vol. 1

So as we delve into the  life of nerds, we learn that nerd culture is pretty welcoming of just about anything. Mix in some Nerd love, a bit of blood and a pinch of bad-assery and you get some pretty … Continue reading

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Deviant WIN, Totoro Cakes!!

I’ve posted several times about how deviant art is full of fail, but in times it does surprise me.. Like these really whimsical Totoro cakes by user Blackluv4death!

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