Ridiculously Sexual Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is fast approaching. And I have found over the years you all love my Halloween costume posts! So I’ve decided to search the web to find the most RIDICULOUSLY “sexy” Halloween costumes on the market. If you are looking for a costume, well look no further!

And in no particular order…

Sexy Pizza!

You can pick up this delicious slice here.

Sexual Squid Costume!

Those lucite heels really pull this whole thing together!

You can pick squiddy number up here!

OH geeeeez there is more then one!

Ummmm, you can get this here!

Sexy Shrek


But where is Donkey?

Get this here!

personally I really like the Fiona one…..

Available here.

Pink Monster

Get this glorious thingy here.

I will post more of these soon! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

and FYI, I have no issues with people dressing sexy on Halloween,or on any day of the week. Do what makes you happy. I just found these terribly amusing.

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Adventure Time Cosplay Love!

Been looking and admiring some fantastic Adventure Time cosplayers!

Here are my favorites!

Peppermint Butlers!

[source; hopie-chan DA]

I have a deep love for Peppermint Butler, so when I stumbled across these 2 I was pretty excited. Not only is it fun and creative, but the costumes are ridiculously well done!

Princess Bubblegum

Some of my favorite Peebz cosplay

[source: Deviantat]

My 2 favorite PB outfits are the crazy circuit jumpsuit, and her tart dress. I’d get married in that tart dress! This was a good dress and an adorable cosplay!


Claire, what an amazing Marceline cosplayer!

[source: screencrush]

Ice King/ Simon Petrikov

Fiona Cosplay

Group shots and various other favorite photos!

Simon and Marcy<3


And to end it,my all time favorite Marceline and Bubblegum pics!

*as always I do my best to source.If I didn’t source you and want credit message me and I’ll be happy to. the same with removing pictures.**


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Because I do nothing but work work work I figured I’d show you one of my current finished projects!

I painted this majestic Pixelated TARDIS! (FYI if you didn’t know I am a full time free lance, independant, starving blah blah artist)


It is currently at Zapow Art Gallery an Illustration and Fine Art Gallery in Asheville, and available for sale! (message me)

I also have prints, buttons and other do-dads available of it on my etsy shop!

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Who Pixelated Laura Palmer? New Art Piece

My first attempt at a real pixelated art painting.

I have a lot of work to do to improve! Still for a first it is ok.


“Who Pixelated Laura Palmer”

12×16 acrylic on canvas



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Most Adorable Cosplay

Some cute little cosplayers! I couldn’t resist making a little list of some tiny friends!

MOSTDORABLE01Finn The Baby and Jake the dad! ❤ all the feeeeellllssss…….


Tiny Toddler Chun Li!!!

A Tiny Wizard!

Come along tiny Pond, bring that Dalek too! [source::fashionablygeek]


You’re a Baby Charlie Brown [source: fashionablygeek]

There is so many amazing cosplay kid pictures I will most definitely do this again!

As always if I did not source you, feel free to let me know who to credit for uncredited pictures.



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I Painted a Wizard! :: Dumbledore!

I am currently working on my “Wizarding World” series.Based on all the popular wizards in pop culture. I’ve done Luna Lovegood so far and I just recently finish Dumbledore!

16x20acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas


Luna sold but Dumbledore is available!

Prints of both can be found on my etsy store HERE!

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Hello Minion! :: Badass Borderlands and Borderlands 2 cosplay!

I have been having the most fun playing Borderlands 2 since it came out, and I noticed that the people that cosplay for Borderlands and Borderlands 2 seems to have a lot of fun with it.

Here are some of my favorites!

Handsome Jack

Siren Maya


Siren Lilith

lilith[source: Fashionablygeek.com]

Mad Moxxi

I think this cosplay by Jessica Nigri is my Favorite of Moxxi

[source: Jessica Nigri Fanpage ]


Some other great cosplay shots, including great group shots!

[source: Fashionablygeek.com]

[source:meganturney.com ]

As always I do my best to source. If you see an image of you or yours and I didn’t source let me know and I will be happy to either remove it or credit you!

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Art Attack : I Know I’ve been AWOL

I haven’t posted much on here recently, and I always mean too. BUT the reason why is I have been super duper busy the past few months!

I have been doing a ton of art shows, and commissioned pieces and I figured I would at least show you guys some of the pieces I have been working on!


“Still a Better Love Story” Gonzo and Camilla The chicken!!

24×24 acrylic on Canvas

I LOVE these two, they flew across the country and are thousands of miles away from me. But I am glad they have a good home!



16×20 Acrylic on Canvas

Fun commission I got to do. I really enjoyed painting this!


“It’s Not Easy Being Green’

5×7 Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Panel


“Rainbow Raptor”

11x14Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

I painted this one for kicks (he is also for sale!)

I have a ton of new merch like buttons, prints, and postcards on my etsy if you fancy anything. Check it out!


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My List To Santa :: I Want this Stuff in my LIFE!

Here is a Christmas wishlist, there will probably be another one of these in the future!

Tardis Teapot!

I really REALLY want a TARDIS teapot! This one from Think Geek is only $35.

I will say however there is an amazing  artisan on etsy that makes an AMAZING TARDIS teapot, sadly they are out of my price range, but are definitely well worth it.

Crazy Cat Sweater

Etsy Seller PrettySnake makes amazing cloths.I particularly LOVE this silk screen cat design! For the Holidays she even makes little santa hat pins for them!

Chicken Coop!

I wish people took me more seriously, because I want chickens and I want this coop, because fresh eggs are so much better then the crap you get at the store! Plus look at those luxurious chickens!


Spock Cookie Jar

I love this!

Ken Garduno Artwork


His illustrations are absolutely beautiful.He is by far one of my favorites! I keep meaning to buy a piece but then it sells,whomp whompthis one is still available and if it is still there after the holidays it is MINE!


That is it for meow but I will have another wishlist up.

Also my shegeek buying guide for the Holidays is relevant again!

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Sexy, Bizarre and Fun Pokemon Halloween Costumes and Cosplay!

This has been one of my most popular posts, so I figured I give you a round two this year!

Some Pokemon costumes and cosplayers to get those creative juices flowing for Halloween!


Eevee costume by Kisuzumi on DA

By Norrito07 on DA



From MycatJewel on DA

By PrincessRinielle on DA







And everyone’s favorite… MISTY

by Demonic_Archangel on DA

I still want to see some  really good Snorlax cosplay!


As always I do my best to source,  if you see an image that I didn’t source and you know who I can credit please let me know!

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