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More Amazing Mass Effect Cosplay :: In Celebration of Mass Effect 3

So if you didn’t know by now Mass Effect 3 will be released soon (March 6th for the States) and HOLY FRIGGEN CRAP I am excited! This has to be one of my favorite games EVER! So to celebrate this … Continue reading

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Wicked Mass Effect Cosplay

I don’t know of you guys have played Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 but they are some AMAZING games. Love them! One of the armor projects I have is actually Jon’s project for the N7 Armor, and it’s daunting … Continue reading

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What am I doing with myself?

I think it is safe to say I take on far to many projects. I mean I have 2 major ones in the works on top of small ones that keep popping up. Also school! My projects aren’t as vast … Continue reading

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