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In Respects

I don’t want to say much because I don’t really believe I have the right. I didn’t know anyone who suffered an immediate loss from the tragic Colorado Theater shooting the other day, but I can still say that I … Continue reading

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Some Recent Artworks I have Done!

I have done (and am currently working on) a few small pieces for commissions and just to put in my store! Figured I would share them with you guys. This was a commission for a friend of mine. She is … Continue reading

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Ultimate Halloween Costume :: Legit Arkham City Batsuit!

Holy MOLY this is crazy! The people at The FX Lab thought it would be a pretty great idea to recreate Batman’s costume from the new game Arkham City! And they did an INCREDIBLE JOB! It looks like it was … Continue reading

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For DIY Vigilantes! Grappling Hook made out of a Fire Extinguisher!

  MIT student Christian Reed just made every DIY backyard superhero wannabe a happy man (or woman) today! He made a grappling hook that uses a fire extinguisher for power, and he let us know how to do it so … Continue reading

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Dumb Art

Been doing a decent amount of pieces lately, and so I thought “Hey, put them all on here”! So there you go! ALSO they are all for sale! Some little ones I did.. I’m also currently working on Wrex. Tiny … Continue reading

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So there is a little music (and arts!!) festival called Nerdapalooza! And I am doing a few art pieces for it!! Here is the first one I finished. They are such silly boys!

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The Controversy that is Barbara Gordon

So one of the things that has been circling nerdom is the DC REBOOT that is taking place in a few months (scheduled release August 31st). With the entire DC Universe being relaunched this means a fresh start for some … Continue reading

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Facebook FAIL

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Superhero Super Cake!

This is for the ultimate fan who can’t decide what superhero should be the theme of the party! Sheeeesh, decisions are HARD!     I bet it tastes like radioactive kryptonite!

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