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Nerdy Show’s Holiday Special :: Life Day Spectacular

Join the ENTIRE cast of Nerdy Show (and I mean everyone, Brian, Hex, The Boys of Flame On, Marc with a C, myself and more) for the Holiday special of the year!! Music, laughs, tears, family and friends, did I … Continue reading

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Counting Down to Nerdapalooza 2011!

And our eardrums can’t wait!!! If this year is going to be anything like last years Nerdapalooza then we are in for one heck of a ride! But wait what is Nerdapalooza you ask! YOU DON”T KNOW?!!! It’s only a … Continue reading

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Interesting Cosplay

There is sexy cosplay, horrible cosplay, and even some cosplay that is so accurate it is unbelievable! Some people have a little to much fun with it, and some make you go HMMMMMMMMMM. Here are some examples of silly, wicked … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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ABC’s with a Star Wars Twist

Brandon and Emma Peat are proud new parents, and they wanted to decorate their childs new nursery with some interesting decor. So not only being ridiculously clever, they used the force (their love of Star Wars) and made the ABCs … Continue reading

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Eat Sushi Like a Jedi!

ThinkGeek.com brings us these really neat chopsticks!!! I mean C’MON look at them!!!!!!!!!! Lightsaber chopsticks are the bees knees! You can get them in 3 fun colors!! Vader, Yoda and Luke! Product Features Chopsticks in the shape of your favorite … Continue reading

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Lair of the Shadow Broker MiniSode!

Nerdy Show will be on hiatus until October but they are still providing you with some awesome content, one of which us a “minisode” about BioWare’s new DLC for Mass Effect 2 called “Lair of the Shadow Broker“. I was … Continue reading

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Quirky Sexy Nerd Fetishes..sort of

Let’s start with every Nintendo Fanboys favorite transgender wet dream (can you tell I am making this up as I go?) Birdo: Ever since the North American release of Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo’s gender has been at issue. The … Continue reading

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Sexy Babezillas of Comic Con 2010

Because not everyone can dress up like a Night Elf and look good! Oh dear LORD! I like this new trend of Nerdy Burlesque Shows. Epic Win Burlesque is still my favorite.

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Slave Leia Apron… with a side of Vader

For when Jabba wants you to make him a sammmmwich BITCH! (also comes in Vader) Only 24.99 USD on StarWarsShop.com they are taking preorders now, and will be shipping on August 5th I want the Vader one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can also … Continue reading

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