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Fiverr Surprises :: A Thank You From ME!

To say THANK you to everyone who has been supporting me on Fiverr I want to offer something FUN! A Surprise if you will (for a limited undisclosed time) to anyone who  orders a gig from me! This can be … Continue reading

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Fiverr.com Dinosaur Illustrations

I am doing 5 dollar dinosaur illustrations on Fiverr.com. I’ll draw you as a dinosaur!!! I’ll draw you or anyone you want as a dinosaur! I’ll draw a dinosaur as a dinosaur!!! I’m doing this to help raise money for … Continue reading

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Crazy Cute Tea Infusers

Some really clever and down right adorable tea infusers! Robot Tea Infuser! Available at ModCloth Tea Rex (my favorite) Available from Amazon Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser! Sharky Tea Infuser (I don’t think this one has been made yet, if I … Continue reading

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Birthday Wish List: Etsy Edition

Etsy has to be my favorite online stores of all time. I mean it has such an eclectic amount of interesting shops with unique items. PLUS You are supporting actual people making actual items rather then big business. Don’t get … Continue reading

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Dumb Art

Been doing a decent amount of pieces lately, and so I thought “Hey, put them all on here”! So there you go! ALSO they are all for sale! Some little ones I did.. I’m also currently working on Wrex. Tiny … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion!

I have a few social and media sites I frequent. Maybe you have heard of them. Anyways feel free to check them out if you so desire! My Tumblr!   MY DeviantArt My Etsy Shop

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Jurassic Park Embroidery

My first attempt at embroidery!

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Some crazy dinosaur madness up in here. Just some of my favorite dino-themed junk off of the web. Be warned some of this is NSFW! Dinosaurs riding SHARKS!!! Freaking insane man! Philosoraptor! Pets dressed up as dinosaurs! Dino condoms!! (this … Continue reading

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Geeky Squeaky Clean!

Geeky Clean is an amazing soap company (and by company I mean an amazing geektress whose soul purpose is to rid the world of foul stenches) that specializes in crazy geek soaps that will blow your mind! Their motto: Epic … Continue reading

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Jurassic Park, Slowed Down Symphony!

Who would have thought John Williams’ iconic theme to Jurassic Park slowed down would produce something so pure, and delicate, instrumental and sexy! The theme is stretched out to just under an hour and it sounds like something out of … Continue reading

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