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Draw Something :: Some of My Doodles

So like yesterday (or the day before) I was introduced to the new app sensation “Draw Something” and HOLY CRAP have I fallen in love with it. The game vaguely reminds me of the long lost Broken Picture Telephone (RIP … Continue reading

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Oh No!! Android Wallpaper App Stealing your Info!

There is some shady business going on in the interwebz! A  relatively harmless wallpaper application for found in the Android Market called Jackeey Wallpaper was really doing something quite sinister. It was secretly stealing your shitz! It collects your phone … Continue reading

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How Apple Was Owned…

by a 15 year old boy. Anyone who has an iphone (or most anyone really) knows that AT&T and Apple have made it impossible to use your iphone as a tethering device, well it was nearly impossible until 15 year … Continue reading

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Guess what I got!

New IPhone 4! For some reason they sent it early, and since my old phone was like a crazy mess and liked to be a huge HUGE problem, I  am quite happy. Now I promise I am not an Apple … Continue reading

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