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Scritchy Scratchy :: Star Wars AT-AT Cat Scratch Post and Kitty Condo

Love cats? Star Wars? Awesome DIY projects for cats that involve Star Wars!!!??? Well then redditor  BillyAppletini is the friend you want to have! He made the CAT-AT for a friend of his who loves cats and Star Wars!! This … Continue reading

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ABC’s with a Star Wars Twist

Brandon and Emma Peat are proud new parents, and they wanted to decorate their childs new nursery with some interesting decor. So not only being ridiculously clever, they used the force (their love of Star Wars) and made the ABCs … Continue reading

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Geek/Craft Halloween Costume, Stormtrooper Milk Jug Helmet

Craft is always filled with fun little things to do, tips and tricks and projects and the like, and since Halloween is right around the corner what better way to get started then this inexpensive (and rather funny/FUN) project they … Continue reading

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That’s One Horny Dinosaur!

Look at this majestic BEAST!!! Fossil hunters uncovered this sexy devil  and it is easy to say he is the horniest dinosaur EVER! This marvelous creature is believed to have lived 76 million years ago in the warm, wet swamps … Continue reading

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Quirky Sexy Nerd Fetishes..sort of

Let’s start with every Nintendo Fanboys favorite transgender wet dream (can you tell I am making this up as I go?) Birdo: Ever since the North American release of Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo’s gender has been at issue. The … Continue reading

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Sexy Babezillas of Comic Con 2010

Because not everyone can dress up like a Night Elf and look good! Oh dear LORD! I like this new trend of Nerdy Burlesque Shows. Epic Win Burlesque is still my favorite.

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Some Dapper Dudleys!

Some fantastic art ! Greg Peltz makes some pretty terrific fancy art!

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