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Sexy, Bizarre and Fun Pokemon Halloween Costumes and Cosplay!

This has been one of my most popular posts, so I figured I give you a round two this year! Some Pokemon costumes and cosplayers to get those creative juices flowing for Halloween! Eevee   Magikarp/Gyarados     Bidoof Blastoise … Continue reading

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More Awesome Pokemon Cosplay :: Because You LOVED it!

Since all you glorious people really love your Pokemonz, and your Pokemonz cosplay (and why not it’s friggin awesome). I have decided to bring you some more exceptional Pokemon cosplay for your viewing enjoyment! Pikachu! [source: swosh.com] How about some … Continue reading

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Pokemon Bum Tattoo… NSFW

AWE, isn’t it cute? A Pikachu atop a pokeball!! This tattoo reminds me of THIS TATTOO. (also NSFW). BOOTY TATTOOS all up in this JOINT!     Let me know who I can give photo and tattoo credits too if … Continue reading

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You Have Chosen Wisely!

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Pokemanz! For Halloween

don’t know what kind of costume you would like to wear? Want to look sexy stylish and desirable and still be clever? (heck you could even recycle these for the next comic con) Dress up as a pokemonz!!! Here are … Continue reading

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Gotta Eat Them All!

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