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AutoWed… Automated Wedding Machine!

We have all heard of the quickie wedding chapels. Heck they even have Drive-Thru marriage places. But now for the super convenient couple on the go they have an automated wedding vending machine! That’s right, if you can’t be bothered … Continue reading

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Delicious Nerd Cakes

More Nerd Cakes! Because, well I love them and there is always a fresh batch waiting to be enjoyed! Here are a few I found on DeviantArt that I thought were pretty terrific!

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Contact Lenses with Built in LED Arrays, Could lead us into an AR future!

This is something straight out of Doktor Sleepless, or out of a crazy futuristic Augmented Reality convention. Truth is we are close to a lot of this cool AR gadgetry then one would imagine! One major hurtle on the AR … Continue reading

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Nerdy Show’s Final Boss: 2010!!!!

So 2010 is over and now we are in the realm of 2011! DUNNNAAAAAAA (crazy sound effects… ACTIVATE)…. anyways! The gang over at Nerdy Show have  outdone themselves his year with bringing you the 20 Nerdiest things of 2010! Now … Continue reading

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Scott Pilgrim THE GAME

So a lot of people are talking about the movie and the graphic novels and they are all pretty terrific, but a little over a week ago the game came out for PS3, and we have been playing it and … Continue reading

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Sexy Babezillas of Comic Con 2010

Because not everyone can dress up like a Night Elf and look good! Oh dear LORD! I like this new trend of Nerdy Burlesque Shows. Epic Win Burlesque is still my favorite.

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Robotic self-folding paper!

Wired brings us this really interesting video of paper folding itself without any help from human hands! the paper was constructed with tiny switches and circuitry strips that jump into action when triggered by jolts of electricity! The process is … Continue reading

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