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Coffee Table NES Controller

So I am going to just straight up ask you guys to give me $3,500.00. And if you ask me why it is because I need this! TheBohemianWorkBench is an Etsy store that has a lot of interesting things. But … Continue reading

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More Amazing Mass Effect Cosplay :: In Celebration of Mass Effect 3

So if you didn’t know by now Mass Effect 3 will be released soon (March 6th for the States) and HOLY FRIGGEN CRAP I am excited! This has to be one of my favorite games EVER! So to celebrate this … Continue reading

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Lego Rapture. Big Daddy is Included!

Holy friggen MOLY! This is impressive! An amazing replication of Rapture by Imagine Rigney at the Brickworld 2011 convention! Hope you got a chance to see it at Brickworld 2011! Okay, so everyone asked how long? How long did it … Continue reading

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Minecraft Proposal

What happens when you take two Bioware game developers, and mix in a dash of Minecraft? You get an adorable loving couple and a man who found a really neat and touching way to propose! Congrats guys! And sorry about … Continue reading

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Little Big Planet 2…EXCITED!

So Little Big Planet 2 comes out soon and I am so flipping excited! I pre-ordered this game like 6 months ago!!! I decided to get the collectors edition because you get all the neat costumes and extras PLUS some … Continue reading

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Scott Pilgrim THE GAME

So a lot of people are talking about the movie and the graphic novels and they are all pretty terrific, but a little over a week ago the game came out for PS3, and we have been playing it and … Continue reading

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