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One of my Many Projects – Tshirts…BOOM

So I mentioned on my last blog post that I have been extremely busy with a lot of different projects! Which is an understatement to say the least! One project has been to get apparel of my artwork up I … Continue reading

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Because I do nothing but work work work I figured I’d show you one of my current finished projects! I painted this majestic Pixelated TARDIS! (FYI if you didn’t know I am a full time free lance, independant, starving blah … Continue reading

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I Painted a Wizard! :: Dumbledore!

I am currently working on my “Wizarding World” series.Based on all the popular wizards in pop culture. I’ve done Luna Lovegood so far and I just recently finish Dumbledore!   Luna sold but Dumbledore is available! Prints of both can … Continue reading

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Dumb Art

Been doing a decent amount of pieces lately, and so I thought “Hey, put them all on here”! So there you go! ALSO they are all for sale! Some little ones I did.. I’m also currently working on Wrex. Tiny … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion!

I have a few social and media sites I frequent. Maybe you have heard of them. Anyways feel free to check them out if you so desire! My Tumblr!   MY DeviantArt My Etsy Shop

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Art and Culture, Nerd Style!

Hey hey hey! So yeah sometimes I do some writing and weird journalism-esque type things for this AMAZING podcast/news program/website/nerd-epicenter called Nerdy Show! (I’m a video game/art correspondent and sometimes staff writer) I was on one of their latest minisodes. … Continue reading

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Taking a Stand! No More Variants!

Aaron Haaland owner of “A Comic Shop” is taking a stand against variant  covers and is no longer selling them in his shop! Do you agree, disagree? I do believe that yes they take away from the fun of reading … Continue reading

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Doodling a Dinosaur

I was so bored at work, it’s been so slow! I decided to watch pimp my ride and doodle this here dinosaur!

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Pink Seal taser is Fancy Pretty Taser Gun…YEAH!

Look at this cute unassuming little pink seal baby! It’s cute small and with a face like that no robber/rapist would ever conceive that beneath that smooth hard adorable facade lies a stun gun ready to thwart off an evil … Continue reading

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Hot Chick Calls Boss Out

Alot of us have had that ONE job, you know the one, the one with the boss that makes you want to gauge your eyes out and throw thumbtacks under his/her feet. We daydream of splendid ways to quit and … Continue reading

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