Lego Rapture. Big Daddy is Included!

Holy friggen MOLY! This is impressive!

An amazing replication of Rapture by Imagine Rigney at the Brickworld 2011 convention!

Hope you got a chance to see it at Brickworld 2011!

Okay, so everyone asked how long? How long did it take to build? So I worked on the tower and the water first for a week, played video games for a few weeks while I procrastinated and tried to figure it out in my head, then had three weeks left before Brickworld to finish. How many pieces?… I have no idea. If I had to guess, probably between 15,000 – 18,000. And finally, next place you can view it in person will be at the Denver Public Library in Denver, CO on July 16-17 for one of our CoWLUG shows. [via flickr]

Anyways instead of talking on and on about it, I will post some interior pics and HIGHLY recommend you stroll over to Flickr to see the rest! They are incredible!

[story source from geekologie]


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