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Creep Cinema: Patrick Bateman

Every year super awesome Tate’s Comics – Bear and Bird Gallery has a local artist show around Halloween. This year I decided to participate. The Show is Creep Cinema, and you guessed it you have to do a creepy spooky … Continue reading

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Counting Down to Nerdapalooza 2011!

And our eardrums can’t wait!!! If this year is going to be anything like last years Nerdapalooza then we are in for one heck of a ride! But wait what is Nerdapalooza you ask! YOU DON”T KNOW?!!! It’s only a … Continue reading

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Birthday Wish List: Steampunk Edition

My birthday is in a month so I’ll make a few “dream” wish lists. I’ve been dying to develope a really decent steampunk wardrobe. I’ve scoured the internet, and spent way to much money on patterns and fabrics and such … Continue reading

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Rollin Like a Roosevelt! Nerdy Show Style!!

So Nerdy Show has been doing super!! We have had many many new and interesting interviews and reviews and just fun nerdy shenanigans happen the past few months! One thing that we have been doing is really nifty cultural minisodes!!! … Continue reading

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Some crazy dinosaur madness up in here. Just some of my favorite dino-themed junk off of the web. Be warned some of this is NSFW! Dinosaurs riding SHARKS!!! Freaking insane man! Philosoraptor! Pets dressed up as dinosaurs! Dino condoms!! (this … Continue reading

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Steampunk Pac Man!

An oldie but a goodie! This sculpture was done by Doktor A and is a steampunk inspired arcade machine for Pac Man, or Pac Gentleman! The good Doktor explains the Pac Gentleman game as follows: “When this game was first … Continue reading

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Sweet Swag, Nerdy Show Shirts!!!

Finally the day of reckoning has arrived, our cries have been heard… what could I be speaking of???? Nerdy Show Logo Shirts! Rep Nerdy Show and your coolness in these swanky duds featuring our now “classic” parody logo! Unlike the … Continue reading

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Steampunk Iron Man

I freaking love this!  

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Victorian Prosthetic, or Crazy Steampunk Robot Arm?

Some bad-ass amputee from the 19th century had one wicked arm! I mean look at that thing!!! Crap if I lose a limb I would want it to look as cool as that, fuck it looking realistic! (I’m serious about … Continue reading

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Steampunk USB Drive will Take you Through Time in Outer Space!

Engadget.com brings us this SPECTACULAR Etsy find! It’s a steampunk flash drive and it’s for sale bitches! This USB drive was designed with inspiration from a “narrow bridge” sign seen on a country road. It is cut from fine hardwood … Continue reading

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