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Counting Down to Nerdapalooza 2011!

And our eardrums can’t wait!!! If this year is going to be anything like last years Nerdapalooza then we are in for one heck of a ride! But wait what is Nerdapalooza you ask! YOU DON”T KNOW?!!! It’s only a … Continue reading

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The Controversy that is Barbara Gordon

So one of the things that has been circling nerdom is the DC REBOOT that is taking place in a few months (scheduled release August 31st). With the entire DC Universe being relaunched this means a fresh start for some … Continue reading

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Contact Lenses with Built in LED Arrays, Could lead us into an AR future!

This is something straight out of Doktor Sleepless, or out of a crazy futuristic Augmented Reality convention. Truth is we are close to a lot of this cool AR gadgetry then one would imagine! One major hurtle on the AR … Continue reading

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Nerdy Show’s Final Boss: 2010!!!!

So 2010 is over and now we are in the realm of 2011! DUNNNAAAAAAA (crazy sound effects… ACTIVATE)…. anyways! The gang over at Nerdy Show have  outdone themselves his year with bringing you the 20 Nerdiest things of 2010! Now … Continue reading

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LCD Portal Shirt: Nerdy Halloween Costume to the MAX!

Master Hacker and electronics enthusiast Ben Heck, of the Ben Heck Show made this awesome little tee shirt for Episode 4 of his show. (watch the episode to see how he builds it) It dawned on me that making a … Continue reading

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Epic Underwater Bioshock Case Mod

Case mods can be neat, dumb, or awe inspiring, this one is definitely impressive. All the components are submerged in what appears to be water, but is actually mineral oil. Sirleechalot took a 5-gallon aquarium and filled it with four … Continue reading

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